about us


We are a network of consecrated life in Central America and the Caribbean against the trafficking of persons who are driven by the mission and pedagogy of Jesus of Nazareth, in the face of this reality, we pledge to promote and defend the dignity and rights of the person , a victim of this social phenomenon and/or in a situation of vulnerability.

What we want:

  • seek the adhesion and commitment of consecrated life at the level of the conferences of religious and congregations.Or to facilitate the exchange of information and training among the members of the network.
    or develop a spirituality in the face of the reality of trafficking
  • Promote collaborative and coordination spaces with civil and government agencies working against trafficking in persons.
  • Optimize the human, structural and economic resources of the members of the network to respond in an articulated way.
    or to disseminate by the different means of communication the work done by the consecrated life in defense of the victims of trafficking.