Choosing Between A Air Cooled Chiller Or A Water Cooled Chiller

Both of these units have the Low Ambient Option and cooler heater for year-round outdoor operation, for your process or comfort cooling application. One of the units also has the slick storage tank option under the main chiller section. Arrived at KIG in October 2018 was this well-maintained Dimplex Thermal / Koolant Koolers 20 ton dual circuit chiller for MRI applications. Unit is set up as a dual 10 ton in one enclosure for optimum redundancy, but can be used as a high end 20 ton chiller. Has four 5 hp compressors, dual plate exchanger, dual 3hp pumps, and a common 100 gallon stainless tank in bottom.

Control panel features that should be considered when selecting between industrial chillers include the local control panel, remote control panel, fault indicators, temperature indicators, and pressure indicators. If the cold water temperature is lower than −5 °C, then a special pump needs to be used to be able to pump the high concentrations of ethylene glycol. Other important specifications include the internal water tank size and materials and full load current. The single-effect absorption cycle uses water as the refrigerant and lithium bromide as the absorbent.

In areas with drought conditions, you may run into restrictions on the use of water-cooled systems as well. Air-cooled chillers don’t use water, so you don’t have to worry about wasting water. They do require a continuous flow of fresh air because they operate by using a condenser that’s cooled by surrounding air.

See Figure 2 for an example of an installed water-cooled chiller. Determine when to choose an air- versus a water-cooled chiller plant. Discuss the key differences between an air- and a water-cooled chiller plant, detailing efficiencies, initial cost and life cycle analysis.

Our engineers can custom design a control package that meets your specific processing needs, from brand name controls, to direct computer/host machine interfacing. All of which can be expected with the same quality and durability that our customers expect from our complete line of temperature control systems. A variety of controls are available from Mokon to enhance the high performance of our systems.

Some, like the massive undertaking by Israel to reuse wastewater and desalinate water from the Mediterranean Sea, are having an impact. But as population and urbanization continues to grow worldwide, so does water consumption, and, naturally energy use. Basically speaking, aeroventic is an equivalent of offline trade fair where you present your company and products, distribute catalogues, make contacts and develop your business. It is a great place to present all your products at once effortlessly.Each product is equipped with an option “Add to inquiry” for customer convenience. Power hook-up could not be any easier with the standard single-point connection. A terminal block, disconnect switch or circuit breaker is provided to meet the unique needs of every project and minimize installation time and labor.

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You need strong industrial screw chillers for that kind of job, which is just what we provide. ► Water mist system coupled to air-cooled chillers was experimentally investigated. ► Detailed analysis applied to the performance of air-cooled chillers with water mist. ► Water mist system enhanced the performance of air-cooled chillers by up to 18.6%. ► Water mist is an energy-efficient and environment friendly technique. Compressors for air conditioning, providing enhanced comfort, efficiency and sustainability for rooftops and chillers, commercial applications with refrigerants R410A, R407C, R134a and R22.

2012 ChillKing 6 ton Industrial Glycol Air Cooled Chiller, Yogurt, Brewery, etc. Arrived at KIG in October 2015 was this excellent condition 5 ton SAC Air Cooled Chiller. It was run and tested in our Massachusetts shop prior to shipping.

A factory-installed water strainer prevents debris from affecting unit flow and/or heat transfer. The rugged thermaldispersion flow switch is factory-installed at the optimum location in the piping for superior flow sensing, reducing the potential for nuisance trips. Intelligent controls protect the chiller while keeping it online, for maximum uptime. Exterior panels of the chiller are powder-coated with highly durable corrosion-resistant paint.

All told, air cooled chillers can provide simple and effective solutions for many process cooling needs. Air cooled chillers are a common type of liquid chiller because they are simple to install, easy to maintain, and typically less expensive than water-cooled chillers and evaporation-cooled chillers. Air coolers eliminate the need for a cooling tower or condenser water pump, so they often take up less space than other types as well. However, air cooled chillers require more power to operate, typically consuming approximately 10% more power than a water cooled unit. This is because of the need for higher condensing temperatures (120° F to 140° F), combined with the fact that dry surfaces transfer heat less efficiently than wet surfaces.

These energy cost savings can pay for the chiller investment in less than 3 years. In addition, utility companies may offer purchasing incentives and rebates. Additionally, air-cooled chillers help you avoid having to use a water-cooled system, which often relies on city water. In some areas, doing so is against city and county regulations, while the cost of doing so in any area is often prohibitive as well. Using Shini USA as your supplier for top-tier, quality air-cooled chillers brings with it numerous advantages for the busy manufacturer looking to get the most out of their production capabilities.

From solid state to microprocessor based, with communication capabilities to PLC type controls, Mokon can provide the type of control package right for your process. CHPInsight – Powered by CHPInsight Customers may opt to equip their Cogeneration units with our custom CHPInsight software to enhance their equipment’s performance. With our custom dashboard, CHPInsight allows customers to view in real-time their current and historic equipment performance, monetary savings, greenhouse gas reduction, etc. With the majority of our customers selecting long-term maintenance agreements, having the most advanced, reliable equipment monitoring and diagnostic solution protects your valuable equipment for the long-term.

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