Choosing The Best License Plate Frame For Your Car

If you have an old license plate frame, it may be faded, chipped, cracked, or dented. There are many popular license plate frames that can make your car look more appealing. Sleek, simple and tough, this plate holder by Circle Tool is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a quality but affordable stainless steel frame for your license plate. This sharp looking frame is sturdy and will easily add a touch of class to any vehicle. Made of chrome steel, these frames are tough and durable under any weather condition.

Simple and sleek with a chrome-like finish, this license plate frame by Ohuhu is a perfect choice if you want a basic and elegant plate holder that is of good quality. Made of stainless steel, this frame doesn’t rust or corrode, offering a great protection for your license plate no matter the weather. This is a solid billet license plate frame for motorcycle collectors or for true motorcycle enthusiast only. Protection from the bumps and scratches hiding around the next corner helps to keep your vehicle in top shape. WeatherTech BumpFrame is made to provide that extra barrier of protection (3/4″ to be exact) for the front bumper of your vehicle.

What’s more, the chrome-plated ABS plastic frame includes a polycarbonate insert that will protect it from road debris and other damage. Use this frame with all standard 12” x 6” license plates. Canyon Mile has created premium Billet, Aluminum, slim fit license plate frames for the auto enthusiast. CNC machined billet aluminum slim fit license plate frame features subtle Canyon Mile engravings.

Our customized and personalized products are great for advertising your business, website, school, organization, or team. It’s also a very inexpensive way to dress up your car, truck, or motorcycle. For a simple plate holder that gets the job done without frills, the top-grade T304 Stainless Steel Polish Mirror License Plate is for you. It is 1mm thick with 8k steam polish in the front and back and comes with anti-rust stainless steel screws and a metal screw cap. The polish mirror license plate will fit almost any standard license plate that measures 12.25 x 6.5 x 1/8 inches. Circle Cool also carries bottom corner and center cutouts if your state registration sticker is on the bottom.

You do not need to buy anything else to install these on your Model Y. Does your vehicle mount your license plate where the back of the frame is visible? Or maybe you simply get satisfaction from knowing that you have taken care of the smallest details on your vehicle. Add an Aluminum 6061-T6 backing plate to your license plate frame for just $30.

Show off your patriotism in style with the Cruiser Accessories Chrome USA Flag. It proudly showcases the red, white, and blue of the American flag in bright colors. In fact, the UV-resistant inks used during printing will help prevent the colors from fading over time. The re-designed slotted fastener holes cover less of the plate, meaning the frame shouldn’t cover up any important tags or registration stickers.

Black matte material does not discolor or rust and gets better with use. For U.S. Liscense plate – Aujen license plate frames use the high quality silicone materials, which protect license plate from rusting and damaging. This license plate frame black is more durable than plastic one. Just like our license plate frames, these covers are made right here in our shop. Because of its flat surface, a trailer hitch cover makes a great canvas for your company or organization to display its logo or slogan. The larger service area also leaves plenty of room for you to express your individuality.

State Law Requirements — Go to the DMV website of your state and find out if there are specific requirements for plate frames in your state. If there are any legal requirements, shop for products within that framework. There are other reasons to replace an existing license plate frame. For example, the old one could be fading with the paint chipping off, or still dented from a fender bender. A brand new license plate frame would get rid of these problems. Custom engraved anodized aluminum frames should be treated with a UV inhibitor to prolong the frames color integrity.

The frame does not come with screws or drivers for proper installation. You will have to find screws that fit well and also match. These frames are really well made with the team logos showing beautifully. One word of caution, there’s “bling” mentioned in the product title. So all the team names are in the original branded font.

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We narrowed our search down to five of the top-rated license plate frames that are on the market today. These inexpensive options may seem attractive upfront, but they are quick to break down from exposure to even the mildest sun, weather and car washes. U.S. and Canadian license plates are mounted by 2 or 4 mounting holes. The number of mounting holes varies by vehicle make and model, so check your vehicle first and choose a license plate frame with a matching number of mounting holes.