It is an effective anti-corrosion of the metal

The toughness of the coating: zinc coating to form a special metallurgical structure, this structure can withstand transportation and use of mechanical damage; With the discovery of the industrial, hot dip galvanized products have been applied to many areas, hot-dip galvanized advantage of the anti-corrosion service life for a long time, to adapt to the the antiseptic treatment method widely been very popular. Hot-dip galvanized (galvanizing),¬†also known as hot-dip galvanized, it is an effective anti-corrosion of the metal, mainly used in various sectors of the metal structure facilities. There are a number of methods of applying zinc coatings and each will determine the coating’s thickness and its ultimate durability in a specific environments The most commonly encountered types of zinc coatings are:¬†galvanized pipe manufacturer China.

The construction team technical quality requirements, threaded connection when applied to large diameter, high pressure piping systems, high technical level of construction workers, construction experience demands to meet the higher number, but with clamp connection technology, for the number of technical quality requirements of the construction workers are much lower, requiring less fit. Such as certain pipe or a pipe leakage, simply connect the pipes, fittings at both ends of the clamp nut open, you can replace, very convenient, can greatly reduce installation engineering rework engineering, but also normal use can reduce the amount of maintenance work. Either a large area removal, replacement pipe fittings, pipes, or cut off the pipeline, with the welding tool repair.

Threaded process connection pressure test of the entire system installed, or use, pipeline leak occurred after maintenance more difficult. In practice, for the operating pressure exceeds 1MPa piping system, using threaded connection, it is difficult to ensure that no leakage, but with clamp connection method can meet the installation requirements are relatively higher operating pressure piping systems. 2, threaded connections, requiring high pressure piping systems is difficult to meet the requirements.

Galvanized Steel Pipe is used in a variety of settings. The two metals are chemically bound to one another in this process, and will therefore never separate, resulting in a more resistant and longer lasting version of steel. Vickers hardness there is a small negative Vickers hardness test load 1.961 <49.03N, it applies to a thinner workpiece, the tool surface or coating hardness measurement; micro-Vickers hardness test load <1.961N applicable to the metal foil, , of the ultra-thin surface layer hardness measurement.

This coating protects the steel from corrosion. If these issues aren’t enough to convince you that replacement of galvanized steel plumbing is necessary, there is another good reason: home insurance. Plumbers routinely find that galvanized pipe corrosion has reduced inside area of the pipe by more than half. These pipes corrode and leak points can occur at the threaded fittings. It has a lifespan of 40-50 years and since it hasn’t been installed for longer than that, you can assume that any galvanized pipes you find have exceeded their lifespan. Sandblasting galvanized steel to remove the galvanized coating produces the best results.