PPGI and Steel coil

PPGI is made by painting of Galvanized Iron prior to formation. This product is a coil of PPGI. Further, its superior sturdiness, durability and resistance to corrosion, makes the product one of the primary choices in the market. About 57% of these are steel sheets, 7% are steel strips. Order 50 Tons FOB Price US $710.. Aluzinc 0.4mm az100 galvalume steel coil price az40 dx51d az120 Min. SGLCC Full hard aluzinc 0.43mm az100 galvalume steel coil price Min. The reasons for the color difference of the PPGI and PPGL sheet : Base Metal (Cold Rolled Steel Sheet) PPGI & PPGL Sheet Coating Layer. Usually the paint coating material is polyester (PE) and the color of the back paint is white grey.

We appreciate the quality workmanship of products manufactured by DANA and the records maintained by Dana QC Team. A leading manufacturer of various steel products, covering a wide range of products and serving thousands of clients across the globe, at Dana Steel we ADD VALUE TO products are proudly MADE IN UAE and exported to more than 45 countries across the globe. This warranty does not cover damage to the panels or coil occasioned by moisture or other contamination resulting from improper storage of the metal prior to installation or to damage to the panels or coil caused by handling, forming, shipping, processing, or installation. Common colors used in the metal building and roofing steel roll former market. Coil coating process, image source, NCCA. The list and diagram below represent a typical Coil Coating production line.

The color change shall be determined by measuring the difference between the exposed paint surface, which has been cleaned of external deposits of dirt and chalk and the original or corresponding unexposed painted surface, which had been cleaned of external deposits of dirt and chalk and the original or corresponding unexposed painted surface. View actual products, colors and applications in our project gallery. The best roofs and exterior walls demand the best painted metal solutions.

Our painted metal has provided strength and beauty across thousands of metal roofs and walls throughout the US for more than 20 years. Steelscape metal and color solutions transform residential and commercial buildings. Noteworthy videos of SELECT industries our company serves… in dynamic action, their unique products manufactured or constructed from metal and remarkable applications for fabricated metal products, many under 3 min.

Unique coil stitching technology allows for continual production; minimising downtime between different coils. On average a standard paint line is capable of coating around 200 meters of coil per minute. This is offered in varied colors and serves as the foundation for the paint system, and also provides long term corrosion protection at damaged sites, edges, and tension bends.

25 Metric Tons.. The best aluzinc 0.41mm az100 galvalume steel coil price With Recycle System. Galvalume’s matte finish lends itself to industrial, modern, and rustic projects that require a little more subtlety than traditional, shiny or spangled galvanized metal panels. Looking for affordable aluzinc 0.45mm az80 galvalume steel coil price?