UK Launches The World’s First Pure Gold Payment Card, Cool!

The Royal Mint produces a pure gold payment card – you need to pay 18750 pounds ($23460) to buy one. The government-owned company, which mints coins for the UK, said it has completed financial cooperation with MasterCard credit card and payment technology to make such cards.

Buyers of the luxury can get a premium account called Raris, which offers zero foreign exchange and transaction fees, as well as additional MasterCard credit card benefits, including special concierge services. Raris is the first payment card produced by the Royal Mint. It cooperates with MasterCard and finish financial. It is a combination of the Royal Mint process and future payment technology after 1100 years.

Recently, some technology companies have been introducing high-end metal cards to customers. For example, fintech start-ups n26 and revolve both sell stainless steel debit cards, while Apple launched titanium credit cards earlier this year.

The Royal Mint card, made of 18K gold, is one step ahead. According to the company, its target customers are “those who value and sell high-quality luxury goods”.

Looking ahead, the Royal Mint plans to launch the first product to be listed on a stock exchange in early 2020, a gold based exchange traded commodity. The product will be listed in the UK, the US, Italy and Germany.

Anne jessopp, chief executive of the Royal Mint, said in a statement on Friday: “as a leading provider of precious metal solutions in the UK, we are very excited to release solid raris gold cards to meet the growing demand of consumers for unique luxury cards.”