How to Understand Design of Steel Structures in An Easy Way?

It is all about visualising. The more you visualize the more you understand. Luckily for civil engineering is pretty much easy because we see civil structures in our day to day life. So how to understand the design of steel structures as easy way? Let us discuss it below,

About steel features

The behavior of structures made of steel imitates the ideal material. Steel has good tensile, compressive and shear forces. Therefore, if you pick up any structural analysis book and analyze the structure and determine the forces of all members, the area of each member is the force divided by the area. This is very true in steel.

Good suggestion for understanding design of steel structure

Well, about design of steel structures after learning about the different types of structural members like tension, compression, flexure and bearing members. Visit a nearby railway station you can see all the members you have studied in railway station. Literally our railway stations are the temple of steel structures.

  • You can see the trusses made of steel angel, steel channels and so on through related video such as YouTube.
  • The poles for holding the electric wires will be the laced or battened columns.
  • The bridges in railways will be made of through truss or sometimes plate girders
  • The over-bridge will be braced structures with I, angle or channel sections.

You can also see the different types of trusses in workshop buildings or warehouses. As I have mentioned before the more you see the more you easily understand and remember when you study.

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