Advantages Of Light Steel Construction Homes

Well, the most of people now consider to uses light steel construction to build own home, light steel construction home often is considered to call as manufactured home because of its carbon steel frame as the base of house. Actually, the most of outsiders and people who plan use light steel construction would confuse about these home concepts such as modular house, prefabricated home, light steel construction, manufactured home and so on. Now let’s take a look about these “professional home words” and see the advantages of light steel construction.

Differences between light steel construction and modular homes

By using modular homes and light steel structures, delivery speeds will be faster and better quality homes can be built with less money. In addition, modular homes and light steel frame structures can be used for low-income housing, and people will benefit from building or even renting these homes.

  • However, modular buildings namely is called prefabricated homes or saying precision built homes according to WIKIpedia. First, modular houses have no axles or metal frames, which means they are usually transported on flat-bed trucks. Light steel construction are exactly made by steel structures such as H steel beam, I beam steel, steel C profiles and so on.
  • Second, foundations are quite difference. Modular housing is placed on a permanent basis whereas trailers. The manufactured houses were built on steel chassis with wheels.

Advantages of light steel construction

  • The most notable advantage of steel frames is their durability. Unlike traditional wood frames, steel does not warp or expand.It is also better able to cope with water damage because it does not decay and is highly resistant to fungi.
  • The steel frame in the building is directly grounded.This allows the entire steel frame of the house to act as a lightning rod, releasing lightning current harmlessly to the ground.