Steel Products Industry – Steel Coil

Reference to steel products industry, there are so many things to talk such as products categories, industrial tend in the future, or even new technology or new materials born and so on. By this post, I will introduce one steel product namely steel coil. This is really common to insiders of steel industry, however, it is a little bit strange for others. Let us have a primary understanding about steel coils.

What is steel coil?

If you are willing to know new things, at the first definition is the basis thing you have to read and grasp.

The finished steel products, such as steel sheets or steel strips coiled or even wound after rolling. Based on the experience accumulated over the years, I classifies coils into hot-rolled and cold-rolled sections, stainless steel coils, carbon steel coils and coated steel coils according to existing products and international standards.

Categories of steel coil

According to common categories of steel coil, I will state two main categories below such as carbon steel coils, galvanized steel coils.

Carbon steel coils, sometimes insiders also call it as steel coils as easy way. Meanwhile, hot rolled and cold rolled process for steel coil are usually methods according to different uses. It is noteworthy that the main difference between hot-rolled and cold-rolled steels coils in one of the processes. “Hot rolled” refers to the process completed by heat (high temperatures). “Cold rolled” refers to the process completed at or near room temperature.

Galvanized steel coils, carbon steel coils sometimes are lack of anti-corrosion, waterproof, acid resistance and so on. So the manufacturers of steel products could consider to do the methods of treatment to steel coils surface with zinc coating or galvalume coating or prepainted color coating and so on. Well, galvanized steel coils are more and widely uses because of its weather resistance, anti-corrosion.