Chinese White Collar Workers Nighttime Consumption Rose

We have to face some issues along with social development no matter in personal life style or working environment. Recently, I chat with my old friend, a production Manager, work in seamless steel pipes and stainless steel tubes group in north of China. Well, actually this is really common things to be happened in China, though you work in office buildings such as salesmen or coders in technological development company. All of them now face to overtime working. Certainly, in pace with rate increased of Chinese white collar workers nighttime work or entertainments, its nighttime consumption also gradually rose up.

Survey in China

According to a survey report by the China Youth Daily on Tuesday, about 40% of Chinese white-collar workers spend money at night (consumption), which brings great potential for the growth of the night economy.

The survey results show that more than 80% of white-collar workers stay at home at night, but the network makes it possible for them to enjoy a variety of services, including: take-out, online shopping, purchase in app and flow Media and live streaming credit bought.

The survey is based on 6,895 Chinese white-collar workers and is the survey data generated by, the leading recruitment platform and network, and Meituan Dianping, an online food delivery service platform.

New plans to roll out in China cities

Due to the inconvenience of traffic at night, only 5.2 percent of the respondents went out to have fun at night.

Many Chinese cities have plans to grow their night economy. For instances, Beijing has taken measures to improve nighttime public transport services and to establish a nighttime clustered food service industry.