Famous Sport Band Nike In USA, Let US Discuss(II)

Brand Logo

The name NIKE is very lucky and easy to read and remember. The Nike logo symbolizes the feathers of the wings of the “Greek goddess of victory”, represents speed, but also represents movement and gentleness. The design of Nike’s trademark is a hook shape,click here the pattern is simple and powerful, as fast as lightning. The people will think of the speed and explosive power of using Nike sports goods.

In 1971, student Caroline Davidson designed the first Swoosh logo because Nike, the goddess of victory, had a pair of dancing wings. In 1978, Nike’s Swoosh logo changed from frame to solid form, appearing under the standard words, more prominent. In 1985, the combination of signs formed positive and negative effects in the form.

Brand Story

In the 1980s, Nike products began to enter ordinary people’s homes (especially teenagers) from track and field fields and gymnasiums.

Nike must try its best to expand the appeal of Nike’s advertising without losing its traditional sports market. For this reason, Nike must become a component of youth culture and identity symbol, just like Levi’s brand, founded by Levi’s, the inventor of jeans, the leading brand of jeans.

In 1986, an advertisement for Nike inflatable insoles was a real breakthrough. In the advertisement, Nike adopted a brand-new idea, not the usual way to blindly publicize the technical performance and advantages of products, but the famous song ‘Revolution’, played by the famous Beetle band representing and symbolizing the hippies. In the new rhythm and melody of the rebel plot, a group of Nike-wearing people wore Nike products, do the exercise addictively. This advertisement accurately caters to the changing trend of fitness movement and the new trend of the times, which makes it refreshing.