The Six Tourist Attractions in Ghana

The Kintampo Falls was first discovered in the 18th century. The waterfall is located on the pumpum river. The water supply is abundant throughout the year. In the rainy season, the flow of the waterfall will increase greatly, and the waterfall landscape will be more spectacular. The waterfall is hidden in a forest, quiet and comfortable, and is close to the nearby village. In the summer, many residents will come here to play and relax.

Located in Bodey Village, northeast of Koforidua, in the northeastern province of Ghana, Bodie Falls is a very beautiful waterfall. The waterfall is vertical, like a white ribbon descending from the sky. It has a feeling of flying three thousand feet. The waterfall is located in a quiet hilly forest surrounded by flowers and trees, which makes the environment more comfortable and quiet.

Located in a small mountain village called Lara Bunga in Ghana, the Larabanga Mosque is a Sultan-style mosque. The mosque is small and can be visited in a few minutes, and non-Islamists cannot visit. Female tourists are even less able to visit and only enjoy the appearance outside. square steel tubing The Larabanda Mosque was not known for its specific establishment, but it is considered to be one of the most sacred Islamic sites in Ghana and the oldest mosque in Ghana.

Moore National Park is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Ghana. It is located in the northwest of Ghana. There are two rivers in the park, the Lovi River and the Moll River, which provide sufficient water for the animals in the garden. It takes a bath and plays. Moore National Park covers an area of 4,840 square kilometers and was established in 1958. It has an altitude of 150 meters and an average annual rainfall of more than 1000 millimeters. The rivers in the park rely on this storage source for plants to grow and multiply.

The fortress and castle of the Midwest region of Walter Grand Accra was built between 1482 and 1786, along the coast of Ghana between Keita and Bein, a trade route established by the Portuguese during their great voyage expedition. Traces left over from the legacy. And Walter Lake, also known as Vota Lake or Walter Reservoir, is the world’s largest artificial lake, with a total area of 8502 square kilometers, 1.8 times that of Qinghai Lake, is the largest lake in China. Its natural geographical environment makes it one of the best freshwater fisheries in Africa, with an annual fishing of more than 40,000 tons, which is one-fourth of the total catch in the whole of Ghana. The fishing boat that has been hidden in the endless and boundless lake has become a major feature of the lake.

When many tourists introduce the eastern region, they will mention that the Botanical Garden in Abri opened in March 1890. They always come here from Accra for short trips. Aburi Botanical Garden is the most beautiful, quiet and attractive place in Ghana. The park began to be visited by tourists in March 1890. It covers an area of 64.8 hectares and overlooks the coastal plains of Accra from an altitude of 370 to 460 meters.

Why Cycling is Favored by the Public?

Now, cycling is more and more popular with us. The main reason why bicycle sports are favored by the public is that many of its advantages are incomparable by other sports. For example, cycling is a systemic aerobic exercise that effectively exercises the functions of the human body such as the brain and heart.

Large amount of exercise

Most of the human muscles are concentrated in the legs,Steel Pipe Suppliers and cycling is to keep the legs moving continuously. In addition, during riding, we can exercise our hands, wrists, and back muscles, which is equivalent to a systemic exercise that increases calorie expenditure.

Enjoying free, watching more scenery

If we takes an hour to ride, the distance traveled by bicycle is 5 times that of walking, which is 2 to 3 times that of jogging. That is to say, cycling can see more outdoor scenery. As long as the weather is fine, we can decide the destination of the ride with the mood, unlike other sports such as swimming, basketball, etc., will be limited by the place and time. Therefore, cycling is a fairly free exercise.

Excellent aerobic exercise

When riding a bicycle on a general road, we must pay attention to other road signs, observe the state of the surrounding motor vehicles and pedestrians, and the eyes should be sharp enough to notice the dangerous causes of empty bottles and potholes in front of the road. You can instantly recognize the various information received by the eyes, ears, and nose. Therefore, cycling is also a sport that activates the brain and makes people smarter. Aerobic exercise can ingest a sufficient amount of oxygen, which is a sport that effectively burns fat. Among them, the main source of calories for aerobic muscles is sugar and fat, and the source of heat for anaerobic muscle is sugar. The amount of muscle hoarding hepatic sugar is limited, and all the liver sugar is consumed during intense exercise. In this way, in order to continue exercising, the aerobic muscle will continue to consume the accumulated fat. However, we can only use the aerobic exercise to burn fat in the body if we continue to exercise for more than 20 minutes.

The advantage of this aerobic exercise

The standard of general exercise intensity is that the heart sends out several times of blood within 1 min, which is the number of heartbeats. Cycling is a very effective means of maintaining the number of heartbeats that meet aerobic standards. When a certain exercise intensity is maintained, the part of the muscles that the human body moves will generate heat, which will raise the body temperature. At this time, the human body will automatically wick away sweat to lower the body temperature.

The speed of cycling is relatively fast, and when cycling, the sweat is easy to evaporate. Therefore, although we may cause a sudden rise in body temperature while riding, the evaporation of sweat can ensure that the body maintains a comfortable body temperature, and the advantages of aerobic exercise are reflected here.

What effect does radiation have on pregnant women?

When the computer is working, the X-rays that are invisible to the naked eye are constantly emitted by the machine, and some of them are radiated outside, which may lead to miscarriage or premature birth of pregnant women, which is the most harmful to the fetus in 1–3 months. The dust around the display contains a lot of microorganisms and “dust particles”. If pregnant women watch TV or computer for a long time,square steel tubing for sale these microorganisms and dust will adhere to the skin and cause skin diseases such as macules on the face.

It is best for pregnant women to use less computer and less to watch TV. If you have to use a computer, be careful to keep a distance from the display. In general, it is better to keep the distance of the eyes from the display to a distance of 60 cm. In addition, sedentary in front of the computer will affect the blood circulation of the lower limbs of pregnant women, increase the edema of the lower extremities, and cause varicose veins of the lower extremities. Tensions and thrilling scenes in computer games are too irritating to the fetus. Sleeping too late due to playing computer will hinder the sleep and rest of pregnant women.

Foreign experts have analyzed that long-term use of computers by pregnant women can easily lead to mental illness. The influence of microwaves in the computer on the central nervous system of pregnant women may also cause neurasthenia syndrome, which is characterized by headache, fatigue, lethargy, insomnia, memory loss, and impaired concentration.

Good Sights Around The World(IV)

The Strip, Las Vegas, America

South Las Vegas Avenue, or the city’s main road, is home to numerous casinos and clubs, receiving 30.5 million visitors in 2016.square steel tubing

Because of the poor traffic and the poor scenery of the monorail, wearing comfortable shoes, walking from the free dancing water show at the Bellagio Fountain to the 550-foot-high roller-wheel viewing wheel can provide a closer view of some of the city’s most famous scenic spots.

The Husky From Different Countries(II)

Husky, Alaska, USA

Although Husky is a native breed of dog in Russia, it flourished in the United States, and husky sledges sprang up widely in the United States, even because husky can pull sledges, saving many people’s life.

In 1925, diphtheria broke out in a remote town in Alaska. It was a respiratory disease requiring professional serum for treatment. But in January, the area with serum was 950 miles away recently. It took 25 days to get it back artificially, which was too long.square steel tubing for sale

So Alaskans used husky sleds to transport serum. Because of Huskies’ endurance, the sled team took only five and a half days to transport the serum back, saving countless lives. Since then, Huskies’ sledges have flourished in Alaska.

Husky in China

In fact, Husky was not suitable for pet breeding in the early stage, because Husky’s personality and its changeable, even extreme, either ferocious unusual, or cowardly, will lead to frequent Husky injuries in the United States.

But after the husky was introduced to China, breeders socialized Husky’s pet dogs, choosing the least aggressive and the most attractive Husky in a litter to breed indefinitely, and from generation to generation, Husky became one of the least aggressive pet dogs in China, but the energetic nature of their lineage remained.

Famous French Cuisine(III)

France is one of the world’s proud producers of wine, champagne and brandy. Therefore, French people are very particular about the use of wine in catering. For example, drinking light aperitif before meals; drinking white wine or rose wine when eating salad, soup and seafood; drinking red wine when eating meat; and drinking a little brandy or sweet wine after meals. In addition, champagne is often used in celebrations.

Proundly, France is one of the origins of wine, champagne and brandy around the world. Therefore, the uses of wines in catering for Frenchmen is very particular. For instance, drinking light aperitif before meals; drinking white wine or rose wine when eating salad, soup and seafood; drinking red wine when eating meat; and drinking a little brandy or sweet wine after meals. In addition, champagne wine is often used in celebrations.square steel tubing for sale

French Cuisine classification

According to the cooking style, French cuisine can be divided into three main schools.

Classic Cuisine / Haute Cuisine

Originated before the French Revolution, the popular dishes of the royal family and nobility, the chef of the classical cuisine faction is exquisite, and the choice of ingredients must be of the best quality. Common ingredients include lobster, oyster, steak and champagne. Most of them are based on wine and flour as sauce, and then condensed. They are rich and rich in taste, and are often thickened with butter or cream embellishment.

Bourgeoise Cuisine

Originating from the traditional cooking methods of French civilians in past dynasties, it is a family dish with fresh ingredients and simple methods. It was the most popular dish between 1950 and 1970.

Nouvelle Cuisine

Since the 1970s, advocated by Paul Bocuse, it has been very popular since 1973.

How To Understand New operator And operator New(II)


Transact-SQL is a programming language used in the relational database management system of Microsoft’s SQL Server. There are six main categories: arithmetic operator, assignment operator, bitwise operator, comparison operator, logical operator and string operator.

Difference between New operator and operator New

The difference between a ‘new operator’ and a operator ‘new’. When you write code like this: string * PS = new string (“Memory Management”); as above coding, you use the new operator. This operator is built-in like sizeof. You can’t change its meaning. It’s always the same function. Its functions are divided into two parts.pipe and tubing suppliers

  • The first part is to allocate enough memory to accommodate the required types of objects.
  • The second part is that it calls the constructor to initialize objects in memory. The new operator always does these two things, and you can not change its behavior in any way.

What you can change is how to allocate memory for objects. The new operator calls a function to complete the necessary memory allocation, and you can override or overload the function to change its behavior. The name of the function called by the new operator for allocating memory is operator new.

Function operator new usually declares as follows:

void * operator new(size_t size); // parameter size_t determines how much memory is allocated.

The return value type is void*, because this function returns an unprocessed pointer (raw pointer), uninitialized memory.

You do not usually call operator new directly, but once you do, you can call it just like any other function:

void *rawMemory = operator new(sizeof(string));

Famous Sport Band Nike In USA, Let US Discuss(II)

Brand Logo

The name NIKE is very lucky and easy to read and remember. The Nike logo symbolizes the feathers of the wings of the “Greek goddess of victory”, represents speed, but also represents movement and gentleness. The design of Nike’s trademark is a hook shape,click here the pattern is simple and powerful, as fast as lightning. The people will think of the speed and explosive power of using Nike sports goods.

In 1971, student Caroline Davidson designed the first Swoosh logo because Nike, the goddess of victory, had a pair of dancing wings. In 1978, Nike’s Swoosh logo changed from frame to solid form, appearing under the standard words, more prominent. In 1985, the combination of signs formed positive and negative effects in the form.

Brand Story

In the 1980s, Nike products began to enter ordinary people’s homes (especially teenagers) from track and field fields and gymnasiums.

Nike must try its best to expand the appeal of Nike’s advertising without losing its traditional sports market. For this reason, Nike must become a component of youth culture and identity symbol, just like Levi’s brand, founded by Levi’s, the inventor of jeans, the leading brand of jeans.

In 1986, an advertisement for Nike inflatable insoles was a real breakthrough. In the advertisement, Nike adopted a brand-new idea, not the usual way to blindly publicize the technical performance and advantages of products, but the famous song ‘Revolution’, played by the famous Beetle band representing and symbolizing the hippies. In the new rhythm and melody of the rebel plot, a group of Nike-wearing people wore Nike products, do the exercise addictively. This advertisement accurately caters to the changing trend of fitness movement and the new trend of the times, which makes it refreshing.

Chinese Culture – Jade(II)

Ancient jade in China

In the early Neolithic period, nearly eight thousand years ago, Chinese ancestors recognized and cherished the beauty and solidity of jade, grinding it as a soldier and admiring it. The way of prehistoric civil jade has extended to many aspects of life, such as body beauty, sacrifice, Ruifu and funeral.square steel tubing

From 5,500 to 4,000 years ago, the Hongshan culture in Liaoning, Liangzhu culture in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Dawenkou culture in Shandong Peninsula and even the jade unearthed in Longshan cultural relics in Shandong Province are, first of all, used as a medium for worshiping the gods of witchcraft and communicating the heavens, the earth and the people. The round and hollow jade wall is a sacrificial vessel for ancestors to ascend to heaven and spiritually. The round jade cone outside and inside, as a sacrificial vessel, is related to the primitive cosmic concept of heaven and earth, and symbolizes the magic power of heaven and earth, gods and ancestors.

Jade dragon and cloud-shaped Jade Pei in Hongshan culture are the symbols of tribal totem and leader’s rights. Jade played an important role in the origin of ancient Chinese civilization.

Toyota Group With Its Successful Marketing(I)

Toyota Auto group is famous auto maker around the world. Certainly, it is auto maker in Japan, however through its excellent production management, good marketing decision now Toyota has became great global auto maker with massive production bases in Asia and South America, meanwhile also many distribution channels around the world. At the present, according to its successful and traditional marketing decision with modern digital marketing, we may discuss and refer its experience.steel coil manufacturers

About Toyota

Toyota Motor Company, referred to as Toyota, is a Japanese automobile manufacturing company headquartered in Toyota City, Aichi-ken County, Japan, belonging to Mitsui plutocrat.

The logo was published in October 1989, on the 50th anniversary of Toyota’s founding. The design focuses on the left and right symmetrical composition of the ellipse. The ellipse is a curve with two centers, which indicates that the heart of the car maker and the customer is identical. Moreover, the first letter T of TOYOTA is a stylized T formed by three ellipses, which is defined as the “soul union of consumer products”.