Pair it with the coordinating pillowcases

We love the classic look of panel bedding – it gives your bed a tailored finish and adds a dose of color along the way. Pair it with the coordinating pillowcases to complete the bedroom look. Proof that inspiration really is everywhere, we reinterpreted the beautiful abenaki print on smooth cotton sateen T200 bse. To protect your new bedding ensemble, we recommend Le Blanc detergents for all of your fine bedding. The ultrafluffy down comforter (starting at $198; ) is another great buy; it comes in a choice of two fills for warm and cool sleepers (lightweight and all season), and can even be machine washed and dried. “It feels like I’m staying in a hotel every night,” one customer says; another self-proclaimed “sheet snob” declares them “the best sheets at the best price we have tried.”

Chances are, you’ll be pleased with whichever one you ultimately go with: Both sheets boast a 5-star rating from a combined 1,000 reviews. Reviewers praise Crane & Canopy’s inclusion of thoughtful details like this, along with its commitment to using quality materials and its range of designs to suit any aesthetic. Swapping out duvet covers is a notoriously annoying process, but the company’s signature Nova duvet cover (starting at $139; ) simplifies things by placing a hidden zipper in the middle of the cover in lieu of the standard bottom button closure.

Meticulous weaving gives its sheets their signature texture. During our review, our tester was impressed by how cool the sheets felt for the duration of the night. When we tested out Boll and Branch’s sheets, we were impressed by the color and overall style. Eco-conscious shoppers can rest easy knowing that throughout the entire life cycle of the sheets, extra steps are taken to ensure the product is pure and chemical-free. Of course, high-quality linens don’t come cheap. We tested different luxury linen brands and found six that are worth the price. High grade home textiles facotry in China.

Luxury linens that are worth the price. Quality sleep is essential to effectively meet the demands of modern life. They now work directly with cotton farmers to control their entire supply chain, starting with organic cotton seeds and working with farmers who earn earn 200-300% more due to the Fair Trade price standards.