Why Is It Easy to Doze off on a Bus?

When you take the bus, your senses will continue to send you the same repetitive signal: the streets that are flashing past, the air conditioners and engines that are constantly emitting white noise, sitting still and you still hope that you will not Change the smell. Finally, you fall asleep no matter how uncomfortable the cold steel materials bus is. The principle is the same as for a smart-phone, when your new input is not received, your body goes to sleep.

The principles of nodding off

Your brain will eventually ignore the duplicate information of these inputs and enter a state of inefficiency. When you close your eyes, you can fall asleep quickly, because you have been on the bus for a while, and your body is used to the repetitive sensory information.

Difference between on bus and on bed

There are many new changes as you sleep in bed. You will lie down, or wear different clothes, or you will feel the pressure of the quilt, maybe you will go from bright to dark, from noisy to quiet and so on. All of these sensory inputs will make your brain need to adapt to sleep.

What scientists said

In this regard, there are many reasonable scientific explanations, and it is because of repeated vibrations on the bus. A study published in the journal Industrial Health found that 18 volunteers who participated in the experiment were placed in a 20-minute vibration environment and they felt sleepy.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study of the effects of whole body vibration on the alertness and drowsiness of a person sitting.

These data clearly show that exposure to vibration has a considerable impact on subjective sleepiness and, more importantly, human response time and lack of attention.

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