What is Solar tracker

The tracker directs the solar panels or modules to the sun. These devices change their direction throughout the day to follow the path of the sun to maximize energy capture.steel omega profile manufacturers

Solar Tracker In photovoltaic systems, the tracker helps to minimize the angle of incidence between the incident light and the panel (the angle the light forms with the line perpendicular to the surface), which increases the energy produced by the device. Concentrated solar photovoltaic power and concentrated solar thermal energy have optics that directly accept sunlight, so the solar tracker must be properly angled to collect energy. All concentrated solar systems have trackers because the system does not generate energy unless it points to the sun correctly.

What is Solar tracker

CGL Manufacturing in Guelph, Ontario and Unimacts Global in Boston, Massachusetts, have formed a strategic alliance to take advantage of the overall footprint of its global manufacturing industry, effective June 12, 2019. These companies will focus on highly specified metal products for industrial applications used by customers. Material handling, construction, forestry, railways, mining, heavy trucks, wind, solar and military.

Product features include machined castings, manufacturing and components for a global network of owned and supplier partners in Canada, the United States, China, India and Eastern Europe.

The partnership will enable customers to leverage the combined expertise of both companies and allow companies to share engineering, quality management, business developers, Steel Profile Manufacturers, supplier partners and manufacturing locations. The strategic alliance will enable global OEM customers to obtain consistent high quality and low cost solutions from a large, stable supplier.

In the solar industry, Unimacts is the OEM for tracking systems, gearboxes, ground anchors and drive trains. Working with CGL will enable a larger global footprint and a more stable supply channel.