The functions of solar photovoltaic support equipment steel should have

In the solar photovoltaic power generation system, the main characteristics of the photovoltaic support are not known. In the formation of the cost of all systems, solar photovoltaic brackets account for about 10% of the total system cost. The photovoltaic support equipment is a special support for the placement, installation and solid solar panel planning in the solar photovoltaic power generation system. The normal material is aluminum alloy and stainless steel.Steel Profile Manufacturers

The functions of solar photovoltaic support equipment steel should have

The photovoltaic support has strict requirements for steel functions, and the solar photovoltaic support equipment steel should have the following functions:

1.plasticity, toughness and fatigue resistance. A better press can cause a large deformation of the structure before it is damaged, so that people can invent and take compensation in real time. Better plasticity can also adjust the peak stress of the department. The self-solar solar panel device often adopts a forcing device for the adjustment angle, and the plastic machine can make the internal force redistribution of the structure, so that the stress of some inherent stress concentration parts in the structure or component tends to Uniform, progressively constructed group carrying capacity. A better tough machine can make the structure receive more energy when it is damaged under the external force impact load, especially the Gobi power station and the roof power station with large wind power, the wind vibration effect is remarkable, and the steel toughness can invalidate the damage level. Better fatigue resistance also enables the structure to have a stronger ability to withstand the repeated wind loads of the melon generation.

2.processing capabilities. Sophisticated processing machines include cold working, thermal processing and weldability. The steel used in photovoltaic steel construction is easy to process into various types of structures and components, and it is also necessary that these structures and components are not affected by the formation of strength, plasticity, toughness and excessive fatigue resistance.

3.tensile strength and yield point. The high yield point can reduce the section of the steel member, increase the weight of the structure, diligently divert the steel, and reduce the cost of the group name. The high tensile strength can increase the safety of the constructed group and improve the reliability of the structure.Omega Profile

4.the application life. Because the planned application life of solar photovoltaic systems is more than 20 years, the excellent anti-corrosion function is also the main indicator to balance the advantages and disadvantages of the bracket system. If the life of the stent is short, it will inevitably affect the stability of all structures, resulting in an extension of the investment recovery period and a decline in all target economic benefits.

5.Under the above premise, the steel for photovoltaic steel construction should also be easy to purchase and produce, although the price concessions are also very important.