the pipeline steel is rolled steel plate

Steel coil scale is principally used on metal coil packing and transporting line and processing line. The sum of the three effects on the standard of steel pipe merchandise accounts for 80.01%. In the remainder of Europe stress piping makes use of the identical pipe IDs and wall thicknesses as Nominal Pipe Size , but labels them with a metric Diameter Nominal (DN) as an alternative of the imperial NPS.Home Textiles Manufacturers

In the course of use, the principle stress course of the steel pipe with large-diameter straight-slit metal pipe for piling, the equal defect length of the large-diameter straight seam metal pipe within the axial direction of the pile is smaller than that of the straight seam pipe; secondly, because the pipeline steel is rolled steel plate, the affect The toughness has a big anisotropy, and the CVN value in the rolling direction may be thrice higher than the CVN value perpendicular to the rolling direction.