The Six Tourist Attractions in Ghana

The Kintampo Falls was first discovered in the 18th century. The waterfall is located on the pumpum river. The water supply is abundant throughout the year. In the rainy season, the flow of the waterfall will increase greatly, and the waterfall landscape will be more spectacular. The waterfall is hidden in a forest, quiet and comfortable, and is close to the nearby village. In the summer, many residents will come here to play and relax.

Located in Bodey Village, northeast of Koforidua, in the northeastern province of Ghana, Bodie Falls is a very beautiful waterfall. The waterfall is vertical, like a white ribbon descending from the sky. It has a feeling of flying three thousand feet. The waterfall is located in a quiet hilly forest surrounded by flowers and trees, which makes the environment more comfortable and quiet.

Located in a small mountain village called Lara Bunga in Ghana, the Larabanga Mosque is a Sultan-style mosque. The mosque is small and can be visited in a few minutes, and non-Islamists cannot visit. Female tourists are even less able to visit and only enjoy the appearance outside. square steel tubing The Larabanda Mosque was not known for its specific establishment, but it is considered to be one of the most sacred Islamic sites in Ghana and the oldest mosque in Ghana.

Moore National Park is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Ghana. It is located in the northwest of Ghana. There are two rivers in the park, the Lovi River and the Moll River, which provide sufficient water for the animals in the garden. It takes a bath and plays. Moore National Park covers an area of 4,840 square kilometers and was established in 1958. It has an altitude of 150 meters and an average annual rainfall of more than 1000 millimeters. The rivers in the park rely on this storage source for plants to grow and multiply.

The fortress and castle of the Midwest region of Walter Grand Accra was built between 1482 and 1786, along the coast of Ghana between Keita and Bein, a trade route established by the Portuguese during their great voyage expedition. Traces left over from the legacy. And Walter Lake, also known as Vota Lake or Walter Reservoir, is the world’s largest artificial lake, with a total area of 8502 square kilometers, 1.8 times that of Qinghai Lake, is the largest lake in China. Its natural geographical environment makes it one of the best freshwater fisheries in Africa, with an annual fishing of more than 40,000 tons, which is one-fourth of the total catch in the whole of Ghana. The fishing boat that has been hidden in the endless and boundless lake has become a major feature of the lake.

When many tourists introduce the eastern region, they will mention that the Botanical Garden in Abri opened in March 1890. They always come here from Accra for short trips. Aburi Botanical Garden is the most beautiful, quiet and attractive place in Ghana. The park began to be visited by tourists in March 1890. It covers an area of 64.8 hectares and overlooks the coastal plains of Accra from an altitude of 370 to 460 meters.