Marketing Practices(II)

Sell value, but not prices

As a small business owner, you can not afford the price war, believe it. Maybe you do not have a financial cushion. Business war will only make your situation more complex, and you can not escape it.

You can afford to let customers chase prices. The service you provide is not a commodity, so you need to emphasize its value to consumers.galvanized square tubing

You can bundle services or offer payment options. If your customers value time, accuracy, readiness, follow-up, customer service, innovation and so on, that is what you have to sell. In an open market, the prices will follow the needs of customers.


Certainly, above-mentioned three points are really basic things to know for a person who plan to engage in this industry or a new person just participate and join in the job for related marketing. Nowadays, traditional marketing gradually is penetrated by modern marketing means such as online marketing, email marketing. So rationally utilizing traditional marketing with online marketing will promote the business well. If you hope to read more, please wait for my next post of marketing practices as complement more means and methods for marketing.